The official insider blog of the ING New York City Marathon.


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  1. R. Rodriguez says:

    Hi . I’m staying in Midtown (56th and 7th) and I’m interested in taking a cab to Staten Island for the start. Any info on cost and anyone interested in sharing?

  2. Abbey says:

    I’m hoping to have a reply to this question next year! Wondering when the lottery opens for NYC 09!

    • Teresa Koczorowski says:

      Hi Abbey,
      Watch the NYRR website, I believe it is in April or early May, right after the Boston Marathon.


  3. Hi there, I am looking for Tony. He was our pacer from the Green Zone, wave 1, 4:40. He did a great job! I want to thank him. Who knows his e-mail-address? Bert from Holland (18923).

  4. Hi there,

    here are the gallery of my first race in NY on 02. Nov. 2008 !

    click here -> http://hmpresents.de/NewYork-Marathon2008/index.html

    feedback is welcome! (hm1963@gmx.de)

    friendly regards, Haki (Germany)

  5. Bob MacKenzie says:

    I have NOT BEEN SELECTED 2 years in a row from the lottery. I’ve heard that if you apply 3 year in a row you are guarenteed on the third attempt. Is this true?

    • Teresa Koczorowski says:

      Hi Bob,
      Yes this is true on the NYC Marathony lottery. I’ve got my guaranteed entry this year after three consecutive lottery misses. So you will get the guaranteed entry. Was lucky on my first two lottery tries in 2004 and 2005; but there are so many entrants now in the 1,000s. Good luck.


  6. Mariana says:

    Hello, this is Mariana from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I’d like to take part of this amazing event this year. I’ve heard about the lottery, but am not sure how it all works. I’ve checked out the official web site but there’s no info for 2009 entrants yet. Could any of you give me some info on the steps I should follow? Thanks so much!


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