Race Scoring? Yes!

With each year comes new technology and this one is no exception. Here are some highlights from Race Scoring:

  • Athlete Alert – E-mail alerts sent to the subscriber’s address that enables family/friends to select up to four runners and receive updates on their progress from the course. Registration is now open at ingnycmarathon.org and will also be available at the Expo.
  • Race Day Tracker – web tracking program that enables family/friends to select up to five runners at ingnycmarathon.org and see their progress on the course with live updates of splits and an interactive map. Available on race day only; no pre-registration required.
  • ChronoTrack & D-Tag – all runners will be timed by the ChronoTrack System. This system utilizes a single-use RFID D-Tag that each runner must wear on their shoe. This disposable D-Tag needs to be attached correctly, so please go through the instructions that are included in your runner packet!
  • Additional Splits – we will be timing all runners at the start and finish, each 5km mark, half-marathon and new for this year, the last half-marathon of miles. This means that miles 14 & 15 have been added for this year.
  • Over one million times! – With the additional splits and an expected 42,000 starters, we will be providing each runner with 24 times; that means we will process over 1 million times on race day!
  • I’m very excited about the technology we are utilizing for this year’s race, which will be the largest marathon in history. Our goal in race scoring is, “Every runner, every time” and we are striving to achieve that.

    Tom Kelley
    Race Scoring


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