Greetings from Hunts Point

Greeting from Hunts Point, all of us here at the NYRR Warehouse hope that your training for the 2009 ING New York City Marathon is going well. We are currently in the early stage of marathon execution (editor’s note: this is posted is two weeks late. Mea culpa.) That’s right, we are already working toward this fantastic event. Sure we still have some planning to finalize but we have already begun getting equipment and signs ready for the race. Today for example we are checking through the cots used at each medical station. We want to make sure they are clean and serviceable; additionally we want to make sure we have enough for all the aid stations.

Of course we also continue to plan and execute other events.

I could go on at great length and in detail here but I should get back to work. Besides, our web master & championship softball coach is pretty busy too…and he so graciously edits my ramblings (another tough task). For all you Scarlet & Belle fans, they are both still here and doing well.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all on November 1.


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