It’s Over! Yay! Sigh…. (choose one)

Fred Lebow, the late, great New York City Marathon race director, wrote of the simultaneous elation and depression he would feel in the days following the race. He likened it to post-partum depression: All the hard work, all the waiting, is over, and you have something amazing to show for it, but there’s a palpable feeling of “now what?”

For runners and organizers alike, the marthon is a pinnacle of achievement. Having experienced PMD (post-marathon depression) many times, I can only say that it’s very real, so if you’re feeling it right now, you are normal. Don’t get carried away, but don’t worry that there’s something seriously wrong with you. Like your inability to walk down stairs, the sad wistfulness will fade over time. And there’s always next year to start training for!

It’s been great blogging to you.



6 Responses to It’s Over! Yay! Sigh…. (choose one)

  1. Mark says:

    I have appreciated all of the great blogging going back to Beijing…you all helped a lot. Thanks. And I especially thank the Phillies and Mother Nature for letting me run!!!

  2. Bob Scofield says:

    I have enjoyed your blog, thanks for all the good work! I wasn’t able to run this year (I have run it 4 times) so I took photos up in my neighborhood (I live between Mile 18 and Mile 23). They are in my website if any of your readers wants to look for themselves.

  3. Erno Mijland says:

    Last months I have sucked in all information available on the NYC Marathon. This blog was one of my favourite sources.

    From the Netherlands. I’d like to thank you all at the NYRR headquarters for everything – also on behalf of my 5 Dutch running mates* – you did to make this marathon a race to remember a lifetime. I was astounded by the logistics – nearly 40000 runners and no trouble before, during and after the race. Free hot coffee in the starting area, enough room to run and plenty of drinking posts during the race, the athlete alerts, the bagage pickup, care for the finishers… to mention a few things… all great!

    It was my first 26.2 race. The experience in New York means it will probably not be my last.

    Be – and stay – proud out there.

    (* We ran to raise funds for research children with cancer)

  4. Margarita Beard says:

    Hi i was unable to runn the N.Y.C marathon this time because i did Portland Marathon on 10-05-08, was to much do one more in less of 5 weeks, but i do undestand your feel my conseling to you is stard training for your next goal, 5k,10k but put some plan in your eyes,you will be over very soon. I do wish you the besst, e-mail me. Ido live in Battle Gound Wa, where are the more green running areas. Margarita. hasta luego.

  5. Warehouse says:

    Actually, you are a tad soon with your comments that IT (the 2008 ING Marathon) is over. On November 4 the tear down is only partially done. Then we have countless hours of unloading trucks resorting, restocking, cleaning and putting away all the equipment…did I mention we have a race on November 9? Today is November 7 we are still far from done. Sigh…

  6. Paola says:

    Now I´m back to my country (Peru) and dind´t understand my feelings because: I´m feeling something . Yesterday I named it: sadness.

    Truly I dind´t undersntand my feelings until I read you blog…. it was amazing I´m normal!!!!. I think is something related to start again the training and to run another marathon. I´ve benn runn the ING NYCM the last 2 years and I hope I´ll come back again.

    Thank you very much for your blog, keep doing!!!

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