Blog Blackjack

Time: 13:37
Location: Central Park

It has been a busy couple of days; exciting, hair raising, frustrating yet fun. Let me give you a brief (I hope) rundown.

Thursday started early and ran late (all the days run late). We had a great series of races led by our fantastic team at the NYRR Foundation. These were races for the kids enrolled in the Young Runners and Mighty Milers programs. Cliff and his team are the greatest, the Warehouse crew love working with them. We especially love German because he keeps his lines tight and appreciates the work we do for him.

In between the NYRRF races and the Continental Airlines International Friendship Run was a little thing unrelated to the Marathon…Halloween. I didn’t get the chance, but I hope you did, to go and witness the wild and wooly West Village Halloween Parade.

We worked late into the night. While the warehouse crew sorted and set up flags for placement along the finish line our buddies on the course went out with DOT and they painted the BLUE Line. You will see them (Jim, Eric, Susan, Thomas & Charles Leroy) out on bicycle on the course tomorrow. Say hello or pose for a picture.

On Saturday we got up early, set up and then tore down the CIFR. That was a fantastic and enjoyable run for our wonderful international participants and guests. We were thrown a curve late in the game and were forced to move the start and staging area. Thankfully all of you wonderful marathoners were so accepting and understanding of the changes. A few brief words by our CEO (yea Mary!), some outstanding drummers and the Peter C blew the air horn (he also dropped some Italian on the masses)…and away went half our marathon field.

We cleaned up the race and returned to Central Park. Now we began the set up (in earnest) for the 2008 ING New York City Marathon…your marathon. Right now we are loading directional signs and their set up equipment on to trucks and staging them for tomorrow morning. Later we will unload the finisher food bags and then re-purpose the trucks for water resupply on the course.

Time on deck is 17:01. I have been working on this for a long time…or not working on it. I better focus all my attention on the job…sometimes the crew requires lots of TLC.

See you at the finish line.


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