Race Week is Off and Running!

Reporting here from Tavern on the Green as we begin our second press event of race week.

We had a nice kickoff yesterday with journalists from around New York City. We have a long list of highlights and “what’s new” this year. I started talking over an appetizer and was still talking when they cleared the entrée. The highlight of the lunch was spending time with the fountain of youth of running, Bill Rodgers. We can always count on Bill to light of the room with his energy. It gave me goose bumps to watch him watch the video clip of his first run in NYC, in the race that changed roadrunning forever, the 1976 New York City Marathon.

Got to run. Two all time favorites, tied together in our history, Ramaala and Tergat just walked in – we have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. I also want to say a quick hi to the women I relate to most – five of this year’s “marathon moms” – one from each borough, who will race in our “race within the race” the Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge. I am hoping to get some running tips from them.

I thought of all of our marathoners today while I ran in the rain – a good day for a taper – keep it short and sweet or take the day off as you focus on the big day ahead!

More soon, Mary


One Response to Race Week is Off and Running!

  1. Would guess out of 40,000 competitors, at the most 50 have any chance of winning.
    Should have a qualifying event to limit the field to serious contestants.

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