Rain, Rain Go Away

Go far away…go gently and lovingly water our environment (grass, trees, and crops). Go snow in the mountains to provide healthy, earth nourishing water all year round.

What? Never knew a Marine to write like this? Someday I’ll tell you all about mountain training and just how “GREEN” the Marine Corps can be…okay, I’ll shut up about that.

Unfortunately, today I am ruminating on the rain. Normally I love the rain, even cold dreary days like today. If you are in the country you get to experience the roar of nature. The city quiets down on days like this in strange and beautiful ways. It is really remarkable…unless there is a race, then the rain stinks.

Oh, I am well aware that some of you love running when it rains and I actually like it too; but I don’t like working, setting up races in the rain. It is not a pleasant experience.

Okay, I am being negative and I know it. Fortunately for NYRR we are blessed with very good weather most of the time. We had snow for the 2007 Men’s 8K Championships (we ended up postponing the race one day and shoveling the course); it dumped buckets of COLD APRIL rain on us for the 2006 Run for the Parks and was slightly lighter for Grete’s Great Gallup that year; still both were cold. What compounded the misery for the work crew at the RFTP was that the rain started when we arrived in the Park and ended as we were driving away after the race. 3000 of you came out to run. I was soaked to the bone the entire day.

So I stand here at the warehouse looking out the roll up door. The clank of finisher medals fills the air; we are unpacking and counting them to make sure you all get one on Sunday. The rain is falling. Semi-trucks from the produce market whip past trailing smoky spray off the streets.

What I hope for, what I want on Sunday is a clear sunny but crisp day (52-55 degrees). Little to no wind. I want to tiredly smile; a smug, self-satisfied look etched on my face as you all come through the finish area for your medals, heat sheets (Mylar), food bags and baggage. I want to bask in the knowledge that along with Mother Nature, I did my bit in helping you along.



3 Responses to Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. Lori says:


    When Sunday is over and done with, are you giving tours of the warehouse – I love to see the space.

    Thanks for the photo and your insight.

  2. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the hard work, Shawn. I’ll appreciate it come Sunday. And, yes, let’s hope this rain disappears before 9:40am on 11/2.

  3. Traci says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I was just reading your blog to your sister-in-law, Julia. She didn’t know that you were so poetic! Thanks for all of your hard work, I can’t wait til Sunday.

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