Living Things

My sixth-grade son had his first big science test this week. The unit was Living Things, and he had to commit to memory the six kingdoms that make up all organisms. As I reviewed this material with him, I couldn’t help think about the fourth-floor refrigerator at 9 East 89th Street, wherein I am certain that all six kingdoms are represented: eubacteria, bacteria, protista, plantae, fungi (oh, yes), and probably even an animalia or two.

It’s just part of marathon week: Staff is at the office at all hours in the weeks leading up, they bring in food, have leftovers, then their work takes them to Tavern on the Green and Staten Island and the Queensboro Bridge and the last thing on their mind is the half-gallon of milk with a sell-by date of September 29.

Speaking of yucky, what awful weather we’re having this morning! I am glad that my work today has me indoors at 9 E. 89 (NYRR HQ) and at Tavern on the Green, where the week’s first news conference takes place this morning. Hats off, again, to the huge crew of staging area and start staff making everything wonderful in Fort Wadsworth. We’ll keep a shelf of the fridge cleared for you.



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