Can’t Sit Still

Throngs of runners–more than 6,400–saluted the official launch of race week by running five miles that culminated in crossing the famous marathon finish line, adjacent to Tavern on the Green, at the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff yesterday. Three hours after the majority of runners crossed the finish line, I was ascending the creaky stairs at NYRR–my second home–to write same-day online race coverage.

As many of our dear NYRR members know, our online race coverage is a rockstar bonanza that showcases NYRR races with professional athlete fields, such as the marathon, the NYC Half-Marathon Presented by NIKE, the Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile, and others, and local running team points races. Our online stories and photo galleries reveal how each race was won and what makes each event so darn special. In short, it is our digital love letter to our supporters.

The Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff coverage was a breeze; Jillian, the Curly Sue photo editor extraordinare, Patrick and Web Guy Ed, and myself–who morphs into a just-get-the-job-done-quickly-at-all-costs newshound–were on the case. It was this seasoned group of professionals who sat inside on an invitingly sunny and warm autumn Sunday to bring you the action from the roads in Central Park. It took us approximately two hours to produce the masterpiece.

Often, it is not that quick or easy. I can recall long days that stretched into nights where I’d sit, blurry eyed and racing against the clock to look up another race result and edit another photo caption. The Fifth Avenue Mile in September was a recent illustration of just how long race day can drag…I attended the races in the morning as a reporter, and went back to NYRR to write, edit, and manage the circus until well after 9:00 p.m. Marathon day will be much more of the same, but on a grander scale. Like so many of you, my day will begin around 4:30 a.m., and I will travel with the professional athletes to Fort Wadsworth, then will head to the finish for further assignments. I’ll wear the reporter/editor hat later that afternoon, and will be working well into the evening to craft and perfect our online marathon stories and photo galleries.

Runners, I know you’ll be achey and tired after the marathon, but please do check out the race day coverage on Monday. It’ll make us happy to know that you care.

-Handbook Maven


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