A Day in the Life of the Warehouse

You will see a recurring theme to warehouse related blogging. I won’t waste your time making you guess as I don’t have room for Socrates right now (I don’t even have time for a shave).

Our work doesn’t end with the starter’s gun (for weekly races that is Peter Ciaccia’s air horn; for the ING New York City Marathon it is a howitzer!).

If you ever see me you can ask me what it was like actually loading and firing a 155mm howitzer (I’ve done it once).

Where was I? Oh yea, work…Warehouse work doesn’t stop with the start of a race. It most certainly doesn’t stop when you finish the race (your work). We work long hard pre-dawn hours. We work long hard post-dusk hours. It is 3:00 PM on Sunday, the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff is long over, and it was a heck of a great day too. We are not yet done, getting closer but not yet done.

Our work day started at 3:00 AM. We set up the race. You ran the race. While you ran the race we loaded a truck with the bibs you will wear on November 2. The bibs that the registration team worked so hard to pack, sort, and prepare for you. We cleaned up after you and picked up the race equipment. We came back to the Bronx where the warehouse is located. We checked our email (work, not personal) and began unloading two trucks. We had to reload the Marathon race bibs, your bibs, on cargo pallets. We also had to load the small blue structure used by our television partners. We also added the media center equipment on that truck; which needs to arrive in Central Park at 6:00 AM Monday morning.

Oh, the generators need to be refilled and payroll must be completed.

That is our day in a nutshell.



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