Weather or Not

Have you started obsessing about the weather?

I have, and I’m not even running the freakin’ marathon. Every year I try to hold off on checking the forecast until a week to go, but this year I just couldn’t resist taking a peek today, nine days out. For those of you possessing slightly more self-control than I do, I’ll refrain from sharing the forecast with you.

I guess I’m obsessing more than I usually do because we have just had WAY too many Perfect Marathon Days lately. You know, 48 degrees, clear, and calm—ideal conditions for setting a PR (and not too bad for hanging out in front of a bar on First Avenue, either). And the pessimist in me thinks that it’s just not possible that these perfect conditions can persist all the way through November 2. As I did my run this morning, I thought wow, I’m glad I don’t have to taper on a day like today!

But taper you must, and although this is not a Daily Tip reminding you to take your taper seriously, I will point you in the direction of the Daily Tips, which have been put together this year by my amazing colleague R Dubs and are chock-full of all sorts of pre-race advice on tapering and just about every other marathon-related topic.

Enjoy the weather, and don’t you dare look at the weather forecast until at least five minutes from now.



One Response to Weather or Not

  1. Laura DiMarino says:

    At 11am this morning…..I posted a comment in the “outerloop groups” (a local running groups) blog sharing the weather forcast for next Sunday. Since you didn’t share I will not either. Nice to know there are other people out there thinking the same thing! Thanks for the tips.

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