The Busy Season

I have lived in NYC since 1983, and for me, autumn has always been the season that defines the city. When I’m far away from my home on the Upper West Side and I think of NYC—no matter what the current season—I always see the resplendent fall colors of Central Park, hear the crunch of leaves underfoot, and feel the bracing chill of crisp autumn air on an October morning just like today. And I feel the energy of the Busy Season. Because EVERYTHING happens in New York City in October and November.

For me and my family, the marathon is the center of it all. I ran the race seven times before I came to work at NYRR, and my amazing husband will run his 22nd consecutive New York City Marathon this year. It would rock our children’s universe if they were ever to wake up on the first Sunday in November to find either of their parents in the apartment and if they ever did anything other than head to Central Park with their sitter to watch the race.

But the marathon is of course not the only event of New York’s Busy Season. Everyone seems to plan important events for the month from October 15 to November 15. The NYC schools are no exception, and with three children attending three different schools this year, we get the triple-whammy. And that’s why this blog is a huge shout-out to my kids for understanding that I’m truly not a Bad Mommy for missing the museum trip, the African festival, the election simulation, the curriculum night, the pumpkin carving, and the numerous soccer games that will happen over the next couple of weeks. Of course, my husband (yes, the marathon-training one—thank goodness for tapering!) gets a shout-out as well for picking up as much slack as one dad can.

One event, though, that I’ve never been able to miss is Halloween. Our apartment building has an awesome party and trick-or-treating tradition—everyone takes part, and the braving of the Haunted House in 11B is a building-wide rite of passage. Besides, someone has to “help” the kids eat all their Snickers bars. So if you see me sneaking away from the expo just as the post-work crowds arrive, you’ll know why.

One more shout-out today: To Rod Dixon, who won the New York City Marathon in thrilling style exactly 25 years ago today. You can watch the video here and you can cheer for Dixon on November 2—he’s running to celebrate the anniversary!



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