NYRR as St. Elmo’s Fire

If you compare everything in life to a movie, as I do, working at NYRR is a lot like being a character in the 80s hit movie St. Elmo’s Fire.

Not familiar with it?

It stars the cast of the ur-80s teen flick The Breakfast Club, give or take a few actors, playing a group of super-close friends just out of Georgetown, living and loving together in Washington D.C.

How does this relate to NYRR? Well, like this:

Our CEO, President, and Race Director of the ING New York City Marathon, Mary Wittenberg, is the Judd Nelson character. In the movie, he’s the leader of the group. Mature, focused, he’s the one everyone looks to for guidance and direction. That’s just like Mary.

I am the Rob Lowe character; brooding and mysterious, a kind of rebel without a cause who plays by his own rules and seduces the ladies with his sensitive eyes and delicate, almost feminine, good looks.

After that, the metaphor gets a little harder to reconcile. But you see the point, right? I encourage you as you meet NYRR people during race week and on race day, to try and figure out which character they are in your favorite movie (or in St. Elmo’s Fire) and then tell them so.

Just remember, there are no Forrest Gump’s here, though, I guess if you think about it, that wouldn’t be so bad, either.

-Web Guy Ed


3 Responses to NYRR as St. Elmo’s Fire

  1. samo says:

    Well played, sir.

  2. mary says:

    I doth protest!
    Judd?! ugh!
    It’s been forever, although I remember liking the Andrew McCarthy role and the Molly Ringwald too (wasn’t she in there?). I’ll need to go back and watch….(“after the marathon”)
    as to the Rob Lowe role? I won’t touch that…

  3. Web Guy says:

    Mary – Apologies. You can be Andrew McCarthy if you want, or how about Demi Moore? But Molly Ringwald, who was in The Breakfast Club, was decidedly not a member of the St. Elmo’s Fire gang.

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