Better Know a Pro: Round Numero Tres

Congratulations to Charles Fogelman, who guessed yesterday’s Mystery Athlete:

Gete Wami

Three-time Olympic medalist Gete Wami won the 2007 real,- Berlin Marathon, and returned just 35 days later to grab the runner-up spot in the ING New York City Marathon. The finish in New York guaranteed her the inaugural World Marathon Majors crown, and the $500,000 prize that accompanied it. Wami returns to New York this year tied for the lead in the 2007-2008 WMM standings. If she finishes first or second, Wami is guaranteed her second consecutive WMM crown (and another $500,000). If she finishes third or lower (and assuming Catherine Ndereba doesn’t win in New York), Wami will end the series tied with defending London and Berlin champion Irina Mikitenko of Germany. In the event of a tie, it comes down to a vote among the race directors of the five World Marathon Majors races: London, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and New York. If Ndereba wins in New York, and Wami finishes third or lower, then Ndereba will win the WMM crown over Wami AND Mikitenko by a scant one point. Whew.

Moving on…

Improbably, we’re back for the third day in a row for another installment of “Better Know a Pro.” The record currently stands split at 1-1. Will today see our tens of readers correctly guess the Mystery Athlete and move above .500? Only the Shadow knows.

1. A member of the Tugen tribe in their native country, a tribe not especially known for its abundance of top-level athletes.

2. One of 17 (!) brothers and sisters.

3. This athlete was injured on their first trip to race in the United States, and had to watch the planned competition on television from their hotel room.

Good luck to all.



4 Responses to Better Know a Pro: Round Numero Tres

  1. Jimmy Manning says:

    Paul Tergat

  2. Mike Eilers says:

    That would be Paul Tergat!

  3. Web Guy says:

    For the record, samo, there are thousands of readers!

  4. Don Quintana says:

    yup it’s Tergat…that was too easy.

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