We Know Where You Are (on the Course)

With two weeks to go, NYRR always leaves an open weekend with no race to produce so the staff can have a chance to catch their breath before the big push. Today, I had a great bike ride on one of my favorite loops. The colors were spectacular and there was an amazing moment as I was weaving through down hill corners and the leaves were falling from the tees, raining all around.

Fall is my favorite season, but it always goes by so fast with all the work to prepare for scoring the marathon. Each year, the challenges are greater and this year is no exception as we will provide timing for all runners at the start, finish, all 5km marks and half-marathon plus we are adding each of the final 11 miles of the race, starting at mile 16. With an expected field of 39,000 runners each receiving 22 times, this is a total of 858,000 times that we will collect, verify and post on race day!

A massive effort is already underway, as we have recruited 36 timers from 12 timing companies coming from Wisconsin, Florida, New Hampshire, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, Connecticut and New York. In addition, we have a team from Germany assisting us with race scoring and television graphics and a project manager from the U.K.

More to come…

Tom – Race Scoring


One Response to We Know Where You Are (on the Course)

  1. Lori says:

    Tom, you are always a great help year round with results.

    Marathon time must be a real heavyweight for you and others involved with this aspect of the event.

    Best of luck for all you do.

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