Better Know a Pro: Round Two

Thanks to those of you who played, or thought about playing, our first round of “Better Know a Pro.”

Judging by the guesses, it seems that strategy ranged from drawing names out of a hat to blindly heaving darts at a dartboard. What I’m trying to say is that nobody correctly guessed our mystery athlete this round. There were many great tries–each of you suggested athletes that met one or two of the requirements, but only one met all three:

Abderrahim Goumri

Abderrahim Goumri made his marathon debut at the 2007 Flora London Marathon, finishing second to Martin Lel. Goumri was again the runner-up to Lel at the ING New York City Marathon 2007, and finished third behind Lel and 2008 Olympic gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru in London earlier this spring (Goumri’s 2:05:30 finish time was a Moroccan record).

Goumri has four medals from the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, but (and here’s the tricky part), all of them came as part of a medal-winning team, not on the individual side. Goumri is coached by 2000 NYC champion Abdelkader El Mouaziz, and ran the Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park earlier this spring.

So now that you “Better Know” Abderrahim Goumri, let’s take a look at today’s mystery athlete. First person to guess correctly in the comments gets an autographed photo of the athlete in question!

1. If this athlete wins this year’s ING New York City Marathon, they will become only the second athlete from their country to do so.
2. This athlete spent some time in Beijing this summer.
3. This athlete will not be making their ING New York City Marathon debut.

Good luck to all. And if you can’t get enough of learning about the athletes that will compete in this year’s race, make sure you check out our Pick and Drive sweepstakes. You could win a 2008 Toyota Prius!



3 Responses to Better Know a Pro: Round Two

  1. Charles Fogelman says:

    Hmm…Gete Wami didn’t finish in Beijing, but she fits the bill for all these.

  2. Charles Fogelman says:

    Actually, doesn’t Goumri meet these requirements too?

  3. samo says:

    Sweet sassy molassey, Fogelman got it on the first guess! Maybe I made this one too easy (although it’s true that the three clues also fit for Goumri). Congrats to Charles, and we’ll be back with another athlete tomorrow.

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