Spirits are High

3 p.m.

A very good sign indeed. Spirits are high here at NYRR and the halls are buzzing with activity and, I am so pleased to say, laughter. Folks are having a good time. Really. In the midst of the intensity of it all. And, even though by Friday, the late nights and early mornings are catching up – everyone is pumped. The prospect of the weekend ahead, even though many will work right through it, buoys everyone’s spirit. That together, knock on wood, with a strong sense this year that we are ready. Ours is a seasoned team this year and all are ready to deliver. There remains a massive amount of work ahead, but the aspects in our control are on track and the planning to deal with the elements beyond our control, in good shape. A good feeling. Knock on wood. Knock on wood again.

As we head into the weekend, I think about how brilliant Fred Lebow was. Everyone knows of his brilliance as the visionary mastermind behind our five-borough marathon and so many of our iconic and now world-famous NYRR running events. But, his brilliance ran way beyond and those of us at NYRR today will benefit from it this weekend. Fred had a hard and fast rule, NYRR would not conduct any major races two weeks out from marathon Sunday. A low-key cross country 5K was acceptable, but otherwise, the NYRR team had to preserve their sanity and allow for some recovery and more planning that key weekend before the Marathon kickoff and then big-day weekend. We have had requests over the years to conduct races, but we have held fast to Fred’s rule. With energy and laughter abundant in the halls today, I am thankful once again for Fred’s vision.

Take it easy this weekend. Fifteen–sixteen miles is likely tops for most of you on Saturday or Sunday. Enjoy your taper. You have worked hard, let your body start to benefit from all the training. You can mostly only hurt yourself by doing too much at this point. Start to chill.

Great weekend to all, Mary


One Response to Spirits are High

  1. Miked says:

    Thanks for all the long hours and hard work. It may not seem like it at times, but the majority of runners appreciate your efforts.

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