Shoutin’ Out

I’m going to take a nod from Mr. T’s post and also include a picture for today’s journalist SHOUT OUT.

Major major SHOUT OUT to MSG reporter Tina Cervasio. Such a champ! Tina’s running in her first marathon this year as a part of the Garden of Dreams and blogging about her experience here.

She’s done a bunch of stories on topics especially of interest to first-time marathoners. Most of her blog posts include video, so make sure you watch those as well. My favorite is the one about training in Central Park because Tina interviews Sam Grotewold, our resident NYRR running expert (and my office mate in the Annex). Sam, remind me, how many takes did you have to do to be able to say the word effortlessly?? Let’s go.

Wherever you’re sitting right now, give Tina a hand for a job well done. And check out her blog.

–Sara the PR Girl

P.S. This just in! One of Tina’s Marathon stories is going to be on the air TONIGHT. Last month, she interviewed Olympian Kara Goucher (who is making her marathon debut this year in New York) when she was in town, and it will air tonight on MSG NY at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., after the Rangers game. If you miss it, you can always view it online.


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