I Pity the Runner…

I pity the runner who is sweating the early transportation.

This is your chance to run the best marathon in the world, in the best city in the world -the city that never sleeps. Don’t let the prospect of one less hour of sleep dampen your spirits. My fastest marathon came the morning after a very restless 2 hours of sleep. It is the night before the night before where you will want to try to get some quality rest.

Besides, November 2 is the switch from Daylight Savings Time, so you will gain that hour right back. Some say that the reason for the daylight savings time is because of the farmers. So as a former farmer, and on behalf of all farmers around the world, I accept your thank you for providing you with an extra hour of sleep on marathon morning. I guess you could say that I am the cause of and solution to all of your transportation problems.

Mr. T


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