I am the ING New York City Marathon Course

Hi. I am the ING New York City Marathon Course. I can be your best friend if you treat me right, but if you don’t, watch out, I can be a real pain, especially when you are trying to get over that Queensboro Bridge. NYPD closes me, DOT keeps me in good shape, and you run all over me. I am 26.2 miles long, stretch across all 5 boroughs, and am jam packed with many wondrous things.

What sort of wondrous things, you ask?

Well, how about millions of cups filled with refreshing fluids, medical stations (for our international friends, that is petroleum jelly on those tongue depressors, not energy gel, so please don’t eat that), and toilets. Lots of portable toilets. I really hope you use them, they are at every mile for your convenience, and for keeping me, let’s say, sanitary. I am also home to several live bands, cheering stations and spectator zones where millions of fine people come out to cheer you on.

It takes a whole lot of planning from my friends at New York Road Runners to get me to look this pretty year after year, so if you see someone in a bright orange ING New York City Marathon jacket, give them a hug. Or at least say thanks, I know they appreciate it. And please try not to drop your gooey energy gel packets on me. They stick to me something awful and are a real pain to clean up.

Best regards,

Your ING New York City Marathon Course


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