November 2: My Favorite “Holiday”

A friend of mine–a longtime Brooklyn resident–once told me that the first Sunday in November is her favorite holiday in New York City.


“It’s the Marathon,” she explained. “It’s a holiday–everyone in the city celebrates.”

I’ve come to agree with her (though, of course, over the past seven years that I’ve been an employee of NYRR, it’s never been a day off from work–quite the opposite!). There is so much to celebrate on Marathon Sunday–first and foremost 39,000 people from around the world running their dream, but so much more besides: the breathtaking geography and diversity of NYC itself, the history of an event that grew from nothing to the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet, and fans everywhere along the route (and viewing and logging on around the world) cheering their hearts out for hours and hours.

And for me, here at NYRR, the marathon is also a celebration of what is possible with vision and teamwork. I could go on and on in praise of my awe-inspiring NYRR colleagues, who from now until November 2 will be working around the clock (literally) to make the marathon happen. We all turn into crazy people who wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts like, “Wait, are we absolutely sure that we updated the web bio of Ludmila Petrova to reflect the fact that she turned 40 on October 7?” and rush to our computers or BlackBerrys to fire off a message to correct the detail. Somehow it all comes together on November 2, when the real work begins for 39,000 runners. It’s something to celebrate!

– Gordon


One Response to November 2: My Favorite “Holiday”

  1. Louise Gormanly says:

    Speaking of rushing to your “computers or BlackBerrys to fire off a message to correct the detail,” maybe you can attend to this small, but amusing typo under your professional women bios:

    “Catherine the Great” broke crack…

    I think it was meant to read: she “broke the 2:19 marathon barrier in 2001;” … with no crack involved .

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