Extra Inspired

9:00 a.m.

We are a pretty motivated bunch at NYRR. That said, we are working extra inspired this year. NYC is our home and our thousands of marathoners and runners are our friends and family. The pain is running deep in NYC right now. As it is around the world. Our city and many of our runners depend heavily on the success of the financial industry. As it rises and falls around us, the Marathon is as important as ever. As an event that was born in the midst of NYC’s darkest moments in the last 70s—as the “Bronx was burning” and the city was on the brink of bankruptcy—we have a high comfort level in forging ahead when times are tough and feel a responsibility to be part of recovery and rejuvenation. The same was true as we ran our most meaningful marathon in November 2001, a mere seven weeks after 9/11.

So, in these toughest of times, when many of you are feeling challenged throughout your days, know that we are working extra hard to ensure you a life-affirming run on Marathon day. And, to all of NYC, know you can count on the city bustling Marathon weekend and once again, that together, we will show the world the very best of New Yorkers and this vibrant and resilient city of ours.

Now, more than ever before, keep running, Mary


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