Pressure is a Privilege

We have a super NYRR team. They all deal differently with the pressures of marathon season. I can always count on PR Director, Richard Finn, to be upbeat and motivated. He sent me a super thought last night that I am going to use and tie into our last All Staff marathon meeting next Thursday night. I just love it. Speaks to the way I see things. It also applies to many of you on race day. See what you think……

Pressure is a Privilege.

It’s the tıtle of Bıllıe Jean Kıng’s latest book but ıt ıs a perfect rallyıng cry for the staff ın the comıng weeks.

Wıth all the stress and pressure, we also all have the unıque prıvılege of puttıng on the most ımportant race ın the world and makıng that sıngle afternoon one of the lıfe hıghlıghts for nearly 39,000 runners.

Later, Mary


2 Responses to Pressure is a Privilege

  1. Jessica Purcell says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and say I love reading these blog posts. It’s helping me to get even more excited for the marathon (if that could be possible). It is also providing a rare glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes as NYRR prepares for its version of “The Big Dance”, and more importantly, a glimpse into the minds of those responsible for pulling everything off. What a cool perspective to have. I love it!

  2. Fernando Gallastegui says:

    I have participated four times in the NYC marathon and truly represents what you say, it is a life highlight, either you do a good time or not so good, is all about experience.
    I miss it and hope to go back next year.
    Good luck to everyone!

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