Do You Know Abdi?

If you don’t know, here’s your chance to learn about Abdi Abdirahman and the rest of our professional men’s and women’s fields AND possibly win a Toyota Prius!

This is going to be fun – we get to tie together the public, our stars, and one of our corporate partners for the good of all. A constant goal here at NYRR is to introduce the public to our stars, as we seek to build a fan base and to provide inspiration to all of our runners. Our pro athletes tend to be super people. As many of you know, there is nothing easy about training for a marathon. Imagine if it were your livelihood. Some glory, but lots of hard work. So, we tend to get stars who are hard-working, earnest, down-to-earth and all-round good people. They are often people who draw inspiration from all of you. We want to give you a chance to get inspired by them as well – and to become their fans. And, we want you to benefit, not just from knowing about them, but by possibly winning a terrific prize from Toyota – the oh-so-green and “hot” Prius. Check it out—the competition starts October 19—and spread the word. Learn more here.

Speaking of Abdi—he’s a favorite person, let alone athlete, of many. Get a feel for his personality by viewing a fun little video we did while in Beijing. We took the opportunity to make our first “official” athlete announcement from the Great Wall of China. Check out the fun:

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– Mary


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