Preparing to Land in NYC, Back from Rio

4:30 a.m.

Let the marathon begin. I love marathon season and with fall travel now behind me and our team at NYRR, we are boots on the ground until race day.

I bet it would surprise folks how much non-marathon-related business some of us continue to conduct even in the final weeks before the marathon. That said, there is a clarity of focus that we relish at this time of year. And as runners from around the world begin their taper down for the big day, we begin our ramp-up.

Admittedly, I had to fight a desire to abort the trip to Rio and then the desire to flee home early. Sounds ridiculous, I am sure. How bad can Rio be? It’s not that, it’s just a particularly intense time of year, and it takes a level of strength and confidence to be away during this time.

As I so often find, however, the trip was well worth it. At NYRR, our reasons for being are to get people of all ages and abilities moving to healthier and better lives and to build the sport of running. While our name may suggest a geographic boundary to our work, our efforts are not just local or national, but global, as one would expect from any truly New York City institution. I was in Brazil, on the occasion of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, for a meeting of the IAAF Road Running Commission. The IAAF is the international governing body of track and field. After decades of the explosion of road running and mass participation events happening in small towns and large cities outside the purview of national and international federations, there is a move toward more of us in the industry working together to take the sport to a new level. We gathered from around the world in such vein.

As we prepare to land, I look forward to a walk to school with my family followed by a breakfast meeting with our marathon team leaders who are going strong. As we prep for the marathon, we’ll share our learnings from our weekends with a focus on those most relevant to the massive party we are hosting in just over two weeks time.

Cheers, Mary


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