Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays are always the most hectic day of the week this time of year because there’s so much going on that some of it gets lost over the weekend (even though everyone is usually working then too). It’s like an avalanche when you walk in the door. Emails, phone calls, meetings, projects you forgot even existed. 

Everyone’s got their own coping mechanism for a Monday. I, for one, prefer to chew gum (it’s sugarless so don’t worry about my teeth). They’ve also given out stress balls recently. Others prefer to get wired. I just got out of a meeting with Graham the production dude; he was hoisting a giganto cup of Starbucks and trembling like a purse dog.

So you see, we all find our ways to cope.

After all, there’s a marathon to put on. And for me, there’s a lot of information still to deliver to the running masses. It’s on my list, I’m working on it, I swear…

– Web Guy Ed


2 Responses to Just Another Manic Monday

  1. matt says:

    Very interesting blog! I will be sure to keep reading this over the next few weeks. I hope you continue to write!

    I’m not running the marathon this year, but hope to run NYC someday.

  2. Sara from PR says:

    my coping mechanism? chewing on the ends of ballpoint pens. i don’t know why i feel like it helps. all it does is make my teeth hurt. and who really wants to eat plastic?

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